There are 2 types of rules:

  1. Pay item = normal rule
  2. One time payment: special rule (lump sum)

This article addresses the One time payment; for Pay item, please refer this link:

Step 1: Preparation

Go to Pay Item tab on the top bar  > select [Pay Item] tab in the left sidebar > One time Payment > Click [Create].

Step 2: Set rule

2.1. Name: Name of the rule (it's recommended to choose a well understandable name)

2.2. Default amount: how much you want to give (or deduct). The amount can be adjusted per staff level at next stage (Assigning staff)

2.3. Pay type: choose either

  • Allowance
  • Deduction

2.4. Months that the rule is applied

Step 3: Assigning staff

After you’re done setting the value, click on the Next button to Assign the staff. Select the staff that is under the new pay rule you’re creating. You can filter it by department.

You can also customize the amount of some selected staff.